Q21 • Do you have a total quality process in place?

Yes. In the case of translation and technical writing, all our texts are revised to ensure quality and consistency.

In addition, we like to work WITH the client rather than just FOR the client. Therefore, we do not believe in second-guessing something a client has written and will ask for clarification.

We do not consider a job to be over until you are satisfied. Therefore, if you find you have preferences for terminology, or if you want to present an idea differently, etc., we are ready to help you with that at no extra charge (unless additions are made to the original text, which affect the initial meaning or require new translation), since it is sometimes difficult to ascertain exactly how a company wants to present its information unless you have worked “inside” the company for a while.

With regular clients, we maintain terminology and preference lists, as well as a list of information such as marketing angle, sought clientele, etc., and, with time, become relatively knowledgeable about a company.