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Semantech Communications
Specialized Language Skills for Specialists

Semantech Communications is run by a group of experienced translators, editors and technical writers who came together to offer the private and public sector quality communications services, including:

At Semantech Communications, our goal is to understand your language needs so that others can understand you.

Our name

Semantech is a combination of the words semantics and tech.
Semantics is the scientific study of meanings and the development of meanings of words. Translation, editing and technical writing involve so much more than just words. Anyone can do a word-for-word translation, for example, but really understanding the text, and accurately translating the meaning into idiomatic language could mean the difference between a mediocre or even poor translation and a good translation.

Tech stands for technical. In general, people tend to think of computers and technology when they hear the word technical. However, technical writing, translation and editing involves texts that either (1) instruct the reader in how to do something or (2) explain a concept. Therefore, within this meaning, tech refers to everything from editing a recipe to writing a standard operating procedure to translating an insurance contract.

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