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Frequently asked questions

  Q1 • Which languages do you translate?

  Q2 • Is it possible to have a document translated into more than one language?

  Q3 • Do you follow a specific style guide?

  Q4 • How much does translation cost?

  Q5 • Do you include every word, including articles, in the word count?

  Q6 • How much does editing or proofreading cost?

  Q7 • How can I keep costs down to a minimum?

  Q8 • What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

  Q9 • What is translation?

Q10 • What is adaptation?

Q11 • What is localization?

Q12 • What are the benefits of localization?

Q13 • What is globalization?

Q14 • What are the benefits of globalization?

Q15 • How can I receive a quote?

Q16 • In what format should I send my document?

Q17 • How will a document be returned to me after it has been translated?

Q18 • What is the difference between a certified translator and a non-certified translator?

Q19 • How fast can you translate my document?

Q20 • My document is very specialized. How can I be assured of a good translation?

Q21 • Do you have a total quality process in place?

Q22 • How can my company optimize the translation process?

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