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Semantech Communications
Translation Services: Specialized Language Skills for Specialists

Beyond words, we translate and adapt the meaning and tone of your documents using idiomatic language

In this multicultural society in which we live, language plays a major role in your everyday internal and external communications. It is therefore important to speak your client’s “language”.

At Semantech Communications, we pride ourselves in

  • providing reliable service;
  • maintaining confidentiality;
  • accurately reflecting your company’s message;
  • becoming “experts” in your company over time;
  • meeting deadlines;
  • providing translations that do not read like translations;
  • being able to work directly in most software;
  • being consistent in terminology and style; and
  • paying attention to detail.

We assign your document to the translator best suited for the job

You would not expect your lawyer to be able to understand brain surgery. Of course not. In the same way, we would not assign a technical translation to a translator who specializes in marketing. Nor would we assign an English translation to a translator whose mother tongue is French.

We work with you to ensure that what we produce is what you wish to convey. We prefer to ask questions when something is not clear rather than “second-guessing” what you meant. Whether your documents are written for specialists or for the uninitiated, we make sure that they accurately reflect your firm’s message and image as idiomatically as possible in the target language.

Contact us if you have a document you would like us to assess. We would be pleased to discuss it with you.

Semantech Communications
Our goal is to understand your language needs so that others can understand you

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